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freedom. freedom. good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc welcome to "red eye." it is like "csiment. miami" if by miami you mean my basement. now to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> a florida pastor easy is he will go ahead with his plan to burn qurans on 9/11. we'll see why he is being a jackass. and a shocking story that will make you tase yourself in your poker face. and are fat guys better in bed? we report and you stuff your faces. >> thank you, andy. >> in a false quarrel there is no true valor. >> i will shoot you in the leg and watch you crawl home, but i have plans. >> i apologize for nothing. >> i wouldn't care if you did. let's welcome our guests. i am here with imogen lloyd
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webber. she is the author of "the single girls' survival guide." heat-seeking missals are imogen lloyd webber seeking missiles. and he hosts planet cruiser. if insightful commentary was a high school principal's office, depressed teen tigers -- teenagers would enter him crying instead of going to class. and bill hols. he -- bill shultz. he smells of sterno and fear. and sitting next to me, joe de rosa, comedian and actor. if he was frosting, i would dip my finger in him when no one was looking. and good to see you, pifn. >> and kudos for scoring a mom's op-ed. >> to the greg-alogue.
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it is a meat loaf of meaning served with a serving of greg. the vatican calls it outrageous. hillary calls it disgraceful. the nypd calls it dangerous. those strong wides are not about my new mesh thong. i'm just giving the people what they want. it is not a reaction to the mosque built near ground zero. nope, it is directed at a pain of the pastor's plan to burn the quran on september 11th. i agree this reverend jones is in a -- is in an attention seeking pile of poop. he put his face all over the map and em embarassed everyone from gainesville, florida. i have been trying to do that for years. but in a way he has taught us crud. one, that mostly everyone agrees the pastor can burn the book. but he is a winy if he does it. this is exactly my argument
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over the construction of the mosque. so this guy may have clued in others who missed the subtle point. the mosque could be built, but a conversation would be nice. i'm not sure it is the case with the mosque. but both issues deal with poor judgment. the pastor is the total barf puck. second, america's reaction to this joke should be a blueprint for all muslims when one of the jackasses acts up. there is no delay in smacking this fuzz-phased freak around. and we would like to see more of them from muslims when one of their extremists gets extremey. and i would like to see some of that from our own government. it doesn't take much bravery to take down a stereo typical whack job like jones. going after protective punks takes more stones. and if you disagree, let's party you racist homo fob. >> welcome to new york.
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our mayor says the pastor has the right to burn the quran, but he finds it distaste distasteful. doesn't that sound like the anti-mosque argument, that you can do it, but we find it distasteful? >> kudoses for saying barf-puck. when i saw it, i thought, this will get ugly in a hurry. >> that's why i put the hyphen there and that's why i am a pro. >> it is the same argument. as a practicing roman catholic, i am always resentful for having to pay attention to other religious denominations, and i have had to do this for two days. the world has gotten so weird that you and andy are the voices of reason on the center of this. >> there is a weird group of people agreeses with each other, and that frightens me. i i don't like unifying theme. i like arguments and debate. i also like chocolate. jill, do you think this guy deserves the attention in gainsville?
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is that a problem we are paying attention to him? >> i think it is a problem. i think it adds to this fire around this issue like this. i have to say extreme actions cause extreme reactions sometimes. i don't want to say his actions are justified. they are certainly instigated. it is not like he is burning a copy of "eat, pray, love" and people are saying, what did she do to this guy? >> well, she did a lot. the movie is a troashs. so you are saying it is justifiable reaction? >> it is not justifiable, but it has been instigates. -- instigated. bloomberg was right. you will hear and see things you don't like. i agree with you, bloomberg, now lower the price of cigarettes, please. >> he is a radical fundamental list about smoking, but he doesn't seem to be -- he doesn't mind extremism in other ways. when it comes to smoking it is like worse than anything,
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imogen, worse than anything. i have to say this. general petraeus got the ball rolling saying this guy burning the quran is going to risk death for our troops. i basically would agree anything petraeus says because he is kind of awesome. should something be done to stop this or do we let it happen? >> well, we got it from hitler and stalin. never trust a man with a mustache. and in russia they used to tax men with beards. what we absolutely need to do here is tax men and women, equal opportunity, and then also we are having revenge. >> why are you a hater on my mustached women fetish? we president do need a tax on that. >> you could say it is a direct attack on you with a beard. >> ramos has a mustache and he
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is a great guy. >> that is a half stache. >> by the way, michael jordan has a similar mustache to hitler. >> he has a little soul patch here, but it is hard to tell. >> i have to say michael jordan is hitler. >> you cannot say that. bill, you burn bibles and the quran all the time, but it is to stay warm in the vacant church you sleep in. >> well, that's how awful you are because that's all you give me to keep warm. you know exactly what's going to happen. this guy is gonna get it. this is a huge, huge college town. he is in gainesville, university of florida. these guys -- i urn every co-ed to grab their water bongs and crack it over his skull. >> don't say that. take that back. >> i ab daw indicate stone violence. and i disagree with all of you. it is an awesome muss sh ta. the only thing i agree with is that's cool. >> here is my point -- well two things. what is it with burning
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things? when did that start? why can't you yell at a book? you are a bad book! the burning thing is a little too far. >> it goes back to the uk and bloody mary and so forth. it goes back to catholicism. it is catholicism, that's what it goes back to. >> how many more chicks the guys in salem would have had. >> witches put out. what were they thinking? they are keeping the catholic girls? keep the witches. they are the loose ones. >> that's a movie "witches are easy." but we condemn our loon gnaw particulars. muslims have a hard time condemning their loonatics. >> so people always say islama-phobia. >> i want to go back to something else. the republicans are always pointing to the polls. all the polls say everyone is against the mosque.
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obama is against it. that is cahones. >> it is also really easy, again, like i say, to go after a nut cake in florida when the people that you -- the people you have to stand up to are pc. you can't say -- like the left will condemn anything if it is a crime again islam. >> no, you said that you would always go back. this proves that this isn't politics because -- >> you are making a good point. you are getting all upset because it is anti-islam. when it is any other religion you couldn't give a -- [bleep]. >> your hand is shaking. you are upset or you had too much coffee. >> bill is a erk j. the imam behind the park 51 project has spoken out. if by spoken out you mean written in op-ed known as "the new york times." fifel got back from a tour of the middle east where he helped himself to many hotel snacks and says he has been
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struck by how the controversy riveted americans. he says the quote reflects the degree about how people care about the american values under debate. he is proceeding with plans to build a cordoba house two blockses fromsground zero and it will have a swimming pool, classrooms and a play space for kids. separate prayer rooms for muslims, christians and jews and a multi faith memorial to the victims of the 9/11 attacks. "red eye" got a look inside the community center. >> i may have to change my mind about this whole thing. joe, here is the thing -- i thought it was a well-written editorial. but it is "the new york times" and he probably had someone write it for him. it just said he was shocked by the emotion. it was very vague.
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he didn't talk about the actual opposition. >> yeah. the piece, there was this whole area of ignorance like, i don't know what is going on. aside from the fact they are building it where they are building it is they qifl -- see equivalent of belding a rope store at david caradine's house. it is mildly insulting. >> because he loved rope. >> yes. the piece in the paper insulted not my pride, but my intelligence. he has this whole air of oj when the glove didn't fit it was like, i i don't know why i am here. it doesn't fit. >> you could have added two more sentences. we asked americans to commemorate 9/11. all you hear from supporters like bill is everybody is easy llama phobic. -- is islamaphobic. >> i can hear you thinking that. gio i can't hear it and i have
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great hearing. >> and beautiful hair. >> bill thinks to the right more than he wants people to know. >> perhaps. >> first i was thrilled that there finally is a moderate voice of reason on the new york times opinion page. compared to everyone -- the kittens from the video are better writers. what was the original question? >> he is asking us to tone down the rhetoric. he has to clean his own house first. >> and he is the one that said we brought on 9/11 ourselves. i don't know that ret ftorek -- rhetoric is that offensive after killing thousands of people. rhetoric, that's like, you are blowing everybody up, but then say do the sticks and stones thing. that doesn't fly with me. imogen, he talks about community and communication, yet he breaks his silence in the confines -- the
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comfortable confines of the -- of "the new york times." >> the most interesting thing he said about the piece is he was saying they would reveal anybody who put money into getting the mosque built. they have to raise $100 million. according to our friend they only have $18,000 in the bank. will they really find $100 million worth of backers saying, yeah, i will put money into this mosque after effing that has gone on. i don't know if this is going to happen. >> i love your use of hoo-ha. >> there is hoo-ha going on there. >> the mosque doesn't sound that offensive. it has stuff for kids. >> and a jewish prayer center and a christian prayer center. there is a swimming pool. i mean, really to argue this place now is to argue the jew day yaw christian -- the jedeah christian values. what do we do in swimming
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pools? we baptize. this is what our founding fathers were based on, chlorine included. >> they obviously will not have a conspiring room. >> see what i mean? >> welcome to the conspiring room. >> and if they did, keep the enemies close. >> i want a conspiring room. >> and this place having these fellow worshiping rooms, it is a little suspect when the quran actually says in it, do not take the jews and christians for friends. allah does not guide the unjust people. a little suspect. >> that's why they are in separate rooms. >> there is a pile of stones in each corner. >> i will not be happy until they open an aethiest arboritum. where they can make fun of the religionses. >> and there will be a scientology center. from offense to co-eds and straight from the files of
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"itis about time girlfriend" all things lady gaga. she is seen here covered in beef. that's edgy and smelly. it is helping to prove once again that by producing the word sex, gender and identity into the title of an easy elective, it immediately earns it credibility. the university of virginia you find gaga for gaga. it is the money waster, quote. >> we are exploring how our identity is challenged by gender and sexuality and how lady gaga is challenged. she is not afraid to be herself. it is reinvented at every curve in the road. >> she sounds husky. >> it doesn't confuse the human followers alone.
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>> i don't know if i find that romantic and sickening. >> imogen, aren't all the classes that include the words gender sex and identity, they are piles of poop. >> well, i originally thought so. then i looked deeper into the cause about gender and gender confusion and i signed up. we are confused about our gender. you know that. >> one of us will have lady gaga's jenna tale yaw. lady gaga is a question mark. >> her actual genitalia. >> we should end this discussion. bottom line, this just shows you how low our ecologists have sunk when -- these mickey mouse courses have been going
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on for years. >> however, every class about whether or not lady gaga is packing junk is whether or not they are passing western history. so i'm all for that. they are not trying to rewrite what happened in the world and indock trough nate the college kids while they are recovering from hangovers. i am on board with this, and i love lady gaga. in "poker face" she crawls out of the water and that's on my e harmony file. >> i am being to think you are more like a 16-year-old girl more than i ever thought you were. what do you make of this, joe? is this something you would take if perhaps you went back to school? >> no, i would not. here is what bothers me, college is supposed to prep you for adulthood, and you hear all of these accolades about being lady gaga being inventive and revolutionary. to who? to children, college kids at best. i don't know one grown up that loves lady gaga. >> i do. >> really?
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>> i'm team gaga. >> i am absolutely team gaga. >> she had ridiculous. alter ego, i love that. she has an alter ego. when you show up on the ellen show with a solar system around your head, that's echo. -- ego. >> but we don't have to hear about madonna reinventing herself anymore. we can hear about lady gaga. >> as president of team gaga, she is not ridiculous, but showing that we in fact are ridiculous. >> guest lecturer for the class. >> you know what i do like about her is she is not attractive, and she found a way to become a superstar without relying on looks. i find that refreshing. >> especially at the moment. we love gaga. >> we have to move on. coming up, what does the inside of joe's stomach look like?
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i stab him with a pair of gardening shears to find outment first, what dance moves do ladies love? this computer generated avatar has the answer. and it has a gun and a love for blood. i know because i dated him in the 90s.
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could your right knee hold the key to living happily? possibly say scientists in the uk-y. they claim they unlocked the dance moves that will help you capture a woman's heart and then eat it like a cold artichoke. apparently it is the movements of the head, torso and knee. shrinks at a college created avatar of young men dancing. females were asked to rate the
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dancing on a scale from extremely bad to extremely good. here is what was bad. >> i think i met and drugged that guy over the holiday. and here is what women consider good dance moves. >> oh man, if he is not on "e." that ava atar is on" e." >> and this is the world's best dancer. >> glad we are on the same page. joe, with i will this change how you dance now? they are saying you should be moving your head more.
3:24 am
>> i don't know that was dancing what they showed there. that looked like people swatting bugs off themselves. no, it is not going to change anything. i can't believe there was a study done on this. i can't believe sign tis spent -- scientists spent -- >> this is the kind of science i like. >> they spent time and money to make the correlation that sex and dancing may be related. have you never seen "dirty dancing"? "dirty dancing 2"," dance with me," "foot loose,"" saturday night fever," "staying alive,"" step up,"" step up 2"," steph -- step up 3-d." they could have saved a lot of time and money. >> how can you do this without physical attributes of a male in front of you. you would rather take a terrible dancing john hamm over a wonderful agile danny devito?
3:25 am
>> well, maybe. i'm still on the whole "dirty dancing" and nobody put baby in the corner. what we know is that great male dancers are always good in bed, as well as "dancing with the stars" are always getting laid. bill, take dancing lessons and it will help. >> says the woman who has never seen me on the dance floor. >> you know, even good dancers when you watch them you are like, that's a lot of energy wasted. >> now that you can post video on-line so easily, dancing serves a purpose, to embarass your friends. you get them drunk and get them to dance. it never ceaseses to amaze me how much dweebs who never get laid break down trying to get laid. they think they will get a formula and now this is the newest one. they will still not get laid at the end of the day. everybody knows a woman's favorite move is the right hand into the wallet. that's the one they love. if you can do the right hand
3:26 am
into the wallet. >> i will stick by that one. >> i really disagree. the hottest guy i ever dated was the best dancer i ever dated. >> did he put the right hand into the wallet. >> i don't care. if they can dance -- look at baby in the corner, patrick swayze. >> dancing does work. greg, the night we met we danced and i have been doing the show ever since. >> you are the only one who can remember that evening. have i no memory whatsoever. >> i didn't know dancing involved so many restraibts. -- restraints. >> you have lived your life as a woman and had a sex change and now want to go back. steven cruiser tells us about the rough road ahead. but first, what is the best burger in america? spoiler alert your face. guess we have to do that story now faceburgy.
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does having more blubber make you a better lover? that's according to another study that says fat men last longer in bed while lean athletic dudes are more prone to finishing way too early. it is true. researchers in turkey found that men with excess body fat developed more female sex hormones that makes them laugh longer during sex. according to survey results, on average they went for seven
3:31 am
minutes while their boney brethren managed a poultry two. for more we go to the sex expert extreme squirrel. yes, what do you have for us? >> let go. >> he's crazy. >> that's what people do for fun in backyards. i wouldn't know i interest -- i wouldn't know. i don't have a backyard. don't fat guys try harder? >> no, i don't think they last longer. i think when it comes to sex it is like everything else, they are just lazy. they are not getting it done quickly. >> that is true. they even take their time with that. a bit of passive aggressivness. i will get there when i am
3:32 am
good and ready. steven, why is this research necessary? do you think it was done by fat guys to talk to co-eds? >> it was done by people who get off watching fat guys. that's who it was done by. they are confusing staying power with a complete inability to move. it is like joe said. they are lazy. they get on and then they have to rest, and that's why they last longer. there is no staying power. if i put on 40 pounds i get a nice pair of man books. -- man boobs. >> i think that will help. >> i think it will make it worse. it is like half girl on girl action. i think that would make you go quicker. >> these two are so ready to teach. >> bill, in your experience, do fat guys last longer? >> well, greg i don't know how to do this in baseball's terms. catchers weigh more so yes. but if a fat babe ruth played pitcher, not so much.
3:33 am
>> terrible. you are the only woman here. >> well -- >> i have facial hair. >> they say it has to do with female sex hormones so theoretically women should have sex with women. >> absolutely, lady gaga. we don't know if she is a man, woman or whatever. but this survey was done by men. 2* misses the . women don't care how long a man lasts. they care about their or -- orgasm. they can't have one with a man with man boobs. >> we are turning into "the view" here. from fatties to patties. according to a consumer report 's on-line poll on america's best fast-food burgers, mcdonalds, despite record sales, ranked a lowly 18 out of 18, and bk fared little better. at the top of the list, five guys and in-n-out was first.
3:34 am
wendy's was 12th. for more we go to drunk darrell. dd? >> in fairness, they all taste the same to drunk darrell. poor darrell. >> that's from london i can see. >> that's how you guys are when you are sober. bill you had five guys and then you had a burger. >> i got hungry. >> well, you had five guys and you have to eat. >> yes, and i had five wallets afterwards. so i got a lot of burgers. >> speaking of burgers, is it
3:35 am
too late to nom name jack burger from "sex and the city." >> he is hot. >> does he not look great in between two buns? >> you are terrible. >> i could never can sell that. >> joe, what do you make of these rankings? are they fair? i love mcdonalds. i think ranking fast-food is wrong, but tell me. >> i don't think it is fair. i have my own ranking system. i go from the duration of time it takes between the last bite to the first bowel movement. all of these restaurants tied. >> it is so true. it is the one thing i don't miss about giving up fast-food. it is the pain. >> i am going to avoid going colorectal on this. do you have a question? i'm sorry. >> what's your favorite burger? >> i have not eaten red meat for a longtime and i just started again. my daughter says it has to be
3:36 am
n-n-out. but in-n-out, five guys. >> excuse me, did you say with jack's burger? >> imogen i lived in london for years and i couldn't find a good burger. is this a american thing? >> that's why there are mcdonalds everywhere in london. you have in-n-out and fuddruckers and wendy's who sounds like a gay bar in london. >> try getting a barf-puck at fuddruckors. >> and it is not a burger. i think it is conspiracy. five guys just opened two places in manhattan. they are coming up from the south i guess. >> that's good. >> all of a sudden they are number one. i smell a conspiracy. >> they are awesome. >> five guys? it does sound like a gay i can p up joint.
3:37 am
-- gay pick up joint. >> we have to move on. >> sorry. >> don't apologize. do you have a comment on the show? here i am. e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com. and to leave a voicemail on the direct line, 212-462-5050. those are 10 numbers. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by my new surfing instructor. tripp says with a few more lessonses i can finally tackle new waves.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. let's go to andy levy. what do you have besides the wetsuit? >> i sent you a bill all day long. have to be safe. >> better than sorry. that's as some people might
3:41 am
say. >> greg-alogue, i have to say this, you people all make me sick. you sit there with your smug upper west side cocktail party saying book burning is bad and it is stupid. book burning has a long and honorable history from the burning of jewish holy books in 168bc to the middle ages and to anthony comstalk in the 1880s. and pastor jones fits squarely in this tradition and he and his congregation should be applauded. >> very good. >> thank you very much. somebody had to say it. >> you may be the only person who has. who bet you on this one? >> who put you up to this one. >> i have to say you are changing my mind though. >> i am wondering about this dog world out reach center and just how committed to out reach they are. >> that's true. >> steven, don't ever call me
3:42 am
the voice of reason as i just proved. >> i apologize wholeheartedly and i will never do it again. thanks for clearing that up in a hurry. joe, if pastor jones were burning copies of "eat, pray, love" i would support him for real. >> yeah. i would too, i think. i would rather him burn the movie than the book. >> including the cast? >> you haven't seen the movie? >> no. >> what kind of american are you? >> it is a religious book in a way. >> imogen, you said history told us never to trust a man with a muss sh ta. apologize right now. >> i am very sorry, tom selek. i will blow you a kiss. >> it is not me. >> it is not you. >> she just makes it interesting. >> imogen, book burning goes back much, much farther than great britain and caw thole law civil. -- catholicism.
3:43 am
>> i'm sorry, you are right. i was wrong. >> should we do something to stop the book burning? he says president obama should seek an injunction against pastor jones. >> what is an injunction? >> it is like a conjunction. >> it is the opposite of an out junction. >> i am behind him 100%. >> by the way, sarah palin posted on facebook, quote, book burning is against american ideals which means now people on the left support book burning. "the new york times" op-ed, you said ralph just got back from a tour of the middle east and he said the level of attention they got, they agree to care about american values like tolerance and freedom of worship. in other words, all of the things that doesn't exist in the muslim countrieses he just visited. >> very true. >> steven, the kittens from the video are better writers than frank rich. you are correct. >> thank you very much. >> joe, you said the room for
3:44 am
jews and christians in the community center are suspect because the quran says do not take the jews and christians for your friends. >> yes. >> maybe it is a ploy. come on in, guys, let's celebrate. >> you have the separate rooms and it hasn't been a ploy. >> they are not really like rooms. they are more like cages. >> you can pull a curtain across. >> but much like the hotel california, you can check out, but you can never leave. a question on lady gaga. joe, you said you don't know one adult who likes lady gaga. glen beck. >> glen beck and i did say greg. it was like the frankenstein mob at the table. >> anytime you day you walk by beck's off and lady gaga is blasting. >> fair enough. sorry, glen. >> study of men dancing to moves ladies love. i like the idea the men are
3:45 am
dancing to a german dance track. >> i don't know. >> i just keep featuring craft work. >> was it in germany? >> i think it was in england. imogen, the idea that men who are good dancers are better in bed, don't propagate. it upsets the unicorns. men who can dance. >> my problem is -- unless the study shows the women prefer the guy in the club who is standing next to the wall, i am pretty much screwed. >> okay. >> fat men last longer in the sack. basically ladies what you are looking for is a fat guy who is a good dancer. >> rerun "what's happening." >> he is no longer alive. >> okay greg perry. we lost quite a lover.
3:46 am
>> and the overweight lover heavy d. >> he's not dead. >> i didn't say he was. >> i thought you were saying he was dead. >> no he is saying he wants to have sex with him. >> i don't know which news is ars would. >> he is dead to me. greg you referred to this turkish university as the boiler makers. >> yes. >> i believe their mascot is a dead armenian. >> terrible. >> that is terrible. >> we condemn that. >> and they should change it. >> they should change it. >> my question, greg, after hearing this story, are you regretting the diet? >> no. >> and lastly, "consumer reports" rates america's best burgers. joe, you say you rate them between last bite and bowel movement. i think by that standard white castle wins it. >> i don't count white castle.
3:47 am
it is four equals one. >> white castle was the first burger joint in the world. >> you, my friend, are a fat ass for knowing that. >> are you right. >> white castle, when you get a bag of white castle with a hangover, it is like a bag of sex. it is the most beautiful feeling in the world. >> i'm done. >> are you done? >> yeah. >> might go for some white castle later. i don't know. i probably won't. i will probably go home and cry. what is it like to be hopelessly in love with greg gutfeld? a man who ignores your existence? imogen lloyd webber breaks her silence. what is going on in this video? well, it is more like what is going down in this video? ruined that tease.
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so if you were thinking of hoping on a cruise, join the club. i have been a fan of cocktail for years. sometimes you hit very rough seas.
3:52 am
>> that was from a 2008 cruise off the coast of new swree land. i am never, ever going on a cruise again. >> not going to new zealand. it is mail time. the address is red eye, fox news .com. you write them, i read them and then make passionate love on the washing machine in the garage. my mom celebrated her 90th birthday last week, no thanks to you. blair, no thanks to me. i guess you are right. she often said our night of passionate love making would be the death of her.
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but to be fare, she said that to everyone in the room. kenny e-mails us, who do i speak with regarding a case of credit card fraud being the criminal and not the victim. >> that would be vic in the fraud and protection department. when exit the floor and his off is past the water fountain. in case you are wondering, the directions work for every building. robbie e-mails us, "thanks for taking a picture and taking time." will you autograph it? robbie, i have no memory of this event. but sure send me the picture. don't worry about the return postage. i'm too important to deal with pedestrian fans. and finally mike, uncommon name, e-mails us "your ears end in little points. they look like goblin ears. i would know i have them as well. they are awesome."
3:54 am
mike, finally, after three and a half years, somebody has nailed it. i am a goblin. i am not a hob goblin. just a regular goblin. we will close things out with a post game wrap up from andy levy. and go to fox news .com slash red eye.
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time to go back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thank you. imogen you have a website. >> www.imogen lloyd webber .com. >> i should have bought that. >> cooperate have figured that one out. -- couldn't have figured that one out. >> i know. >> thanks for letting people know about the www part too. >> i hate that. steven, where are you going to
3:58 am
be? >> our nation's capital. i am hosting a panel the -- on friday and giving a speak at the washington monument for the 9-12 rally on sunday. >> what's your speech going to be about? >> a twitter for people who use twitter, something like that. that's all people ask me about, twitter. >> basically you are winging it. >> i'm winging it. >> get drunk beforehand. >> joe, final thoughts? >> yes because i don't learn when a bit bombs the first time. i had more moves than the dancing guy. "chorus line,"" fame," "hairspray,"" shall we dance," "show girls,"" save the last dance" and "newsies." >> to be fair, "shall we dance? " was more asking the question. >> andy, have i never seen the
3:59 am
movie. evidently you have. maybe we can watch it later. >> i don't think so. i don't feel comfortable doing that. >> neither do i. >> unless we can get mcnuggets. bill, how was boston? >> i enjoyed watching the white sox sweep the dead sox if i may be puny and i didn't go on a haunted ghost tour. it is for dorky virgins. >> did you get scared? >> no. i didn't. >> it is funny because i believe remy spencer tweeted she was on said ghost tour with you and you w emerson thin. lo of people in my frat were there as well jie. gotta go. bye andy.

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